Raspberry Pi 3 (KODI) instruction

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Raspberry Pi 3 (KODI) instruction



    I followed the instruction on how to get my Rasp pi with Kodi to connect via VPN server.
    Seems to work. When I check Ip route via ssh. (still hoping for a more transparent app that will display status!).

    While the instruction let’s connect it is unclear to me if this is persistent through reboots. Part of me hope so… however in the absence of an app that let’s me check and control connection. How do I stop VPN now if I want to? Can this be added in the instruction please.

    Keep up the good work


    Hi Bart,

    We’re releasing our KODI add-on this week and when it is released we will update the manuals for it, so I hope we can add you suggestion in the final manual. Thanks a lot for your feedback and we will definitely try to implement this!

    In case you would like us to help you explain or fix an issue within the application we suggest contacting our support department.

    Best regards.

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    this guide might be help you and in this article i saw related anwsers to your question kodi raspberry pi 3



    how to uninstall the Kodi console methode?
    I get nothing but caching problems and want to change server to see if it helps.
    I did the console methode first and now want to start using the addon instead.


    Hey! many guys are asking to how to get ride on olpair and openload errors, finally i found few methods to completely fix that erros here the article of olpair

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