KODI add-on release

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KODI add-on release

  • Lorenzo Coomans 
    Lorenzo Coomans

    Dear users,

    We’re glad to announce that we’re finally satisfied with our KODI add-on and it is as today released and downloadable via our website.

    This add-on makes it a lot easier to install GOOSE VPN on your favorite KODI devices.
    You can download our KODI add-on via our website at the download section.


    Hi Lorenzo

    Installed your VPN addon in Kodi (on Raspberry 3 with openelec).
    Filled in username / pasword and next app wants me to validate first server.
    It get’s stuck at 19%: select first VPN profile. I can choose “switch between location and servier views or “cancel connection attempt”. Cancel works … but the other options keeps bringing me back to this message and it does not connect.

    Not sure if this is just me…..

    Before I installed the addon I already had a VPN set-up with you guys as described in the manual …

    what can I do to fix?

    cheers, Bart


    Same issue as Bart, is there a solution?


    I am on the newest version libreelec in a pi 3. Still error

    Paul Fennema

    Same issue on kodi/osmc raspberry pi. It is stuck on ‘Switch between location and server views’ when trying the first connection. Initially the service.vpn.manager.zip file did not want to install; however when I renamed the zip file to ‘service.vpn.manager-1.0.1.zip’ it installed.

    Where can I find the log file for the vpn client?

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