Kill Switch

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Kill Switch

    Karel de Groot

    Hallo everyone,

    I’m missing the Kill Switch option in GOOSE. I really like the software and I think this option is an good add-on for me and other users.

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    Joeri van de Watering

    Hi Karel,

    Thanks for letting us know! We understand you miss this option! It’s high on our priority list and we hope to have it fully implemented within the next weeks. We will inform all users over here and by email when the kill switch is implemented in our software.


    Joeri van de Watering
    Co-founder GOOSE VPN


    Is the Kill Switch already implemented ?
    If not, when is it coming ?


    Any word on this?
    I have to say that a lot is promised, but not that much is implemented. I get things take time and setbacks are to be expected, but at least be transparent about it. Is this still coming?

    Lorenzo Coomans 
    Lorenzo Coomans

    Hi SmArthas,

    Thanks a lot for your post at our forum.

    We totally understand you guys are waiting on this option, we’ve been working on it for quite a bit now.
    This has been at a high place on our priority list for quite some time, but we’ve noticed some other issues and missing features which had a bit higher priority.

    At this moment we’ve been working to bypass a geo-location blockage by some countries who do not allow a VPN connection.
    After this has succeeded we will continue to work on the kill-switch again.

    Best regards,

    Lorenzo Coomans
    GOOSE VPN Customer Support


    Thanks for the answer Lorenzo. I wouldn’t ask for this feature if the connections were more stable, but I have to say I have to deal with disconnects from the Goose VPN servers a lot (OpenVPN and IKEv2 on multiple servers). I did not have this problem with other providers, so I doubt it is my system (which can still be the case, I know). A kill switch would let me at least walk away from my system and not have monitor it all the time.

    Again thanks and please keep us up to date about stuff like this.


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