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help your customers


    I’ve been using Goose for more than 6 months.

    Since then I have lost access to Amazon Video on multiple occasions. Each time I go through Webchat, I get asked the same questions and provide the same answers; and are then asked to log a ticket.Where is the CRM platform that recognises me, doesn’t ask the same questions and instead picks up the fact I have an unresolved outstanding query?

    Yes, I am using IPSec. Yes, I am using the latest version on my iPad. Yes, I am using a streaming server. No, I have not been contacted since the 21st May (it’s now the 15th June and I raised the original ticket on the 15th May) and the only reason I have been contacted is because I asked for an update.

    This sucks.

    And to even create a new topic in the forum – where I am supposed to provide feedback ‘to help you improve’ I have to create a new account?

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