dedicated IP

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dedicated IP


    PureVPN offers an dedicated IP feature which is lacking in GooseVPN services.

    I believe for serious users, self employed people this is a must have.

    Lorenzo Coomans 
    Lorenzo Coomans


    Thank you for noticing us on this missing feature!

    We are planning to implement this feature in the near future. We believe this feature can be very useful in some cases.
    We are working on it and you can expect this to be a feature soon.

    Kind regards,

    GOOSE VPN Customer Support


    Beste CS.

    Ik sluit mij volledig bij Lorenzo aan. Ik mis ook de dedicated ip functie en dit is voor mij de reden om tijdens/na de proefperiode mijn abonnement niet te verlengen. Wie weet kan ik in de toekomst gebruik maken van GVPN als die de dedicated ip functie ondersteund.


    Dear Lorenzo

    I most sincerely hope you will start implementing this feature of a dedicated IP soon otherwise I will have to cancel my subscription and ask for a refund for the remaining months as I paid advance for a VPN service.

    Previously I had an accout with PureVPN and they do offer a dedicated IP.

    Yours truly,


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